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Handcrafted By Norm Furniss

Victorian style carved Wooden rocking horses are not suited to mass production and are best left to the master woodcarvers who add their own personal touch to this art form that has enjoyed a revival in recent years.
Artist Norm Furniss has carved lifelike wood rocking horses in a rich "Bay" colour. The glinting glass eyes , real leather tack and horse hair mane and tail provide a lifelike beauty for this enduring art form.

Beautiful wooden rocking horses take a long time to make, but the joy in a child's face to see them ride these magnificent toys is worth every hour of effort.  Carvers enjoy the work of creating such well loved toys.
Each rocking horse is individually hand carved, numbered and comes with a personalized brass plate on the swing stand.
An owners certificate is provided for your rocking horse.
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Medium "Bay" Rocking Horse
$4500 Canadian dollars, plus shipping*


Large "Bay" Rocking Horse
$5000 Candian Dollars, plus shipping


Please get in touch to find out how to order your own work of art Victorian wooden rocking horse
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