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Making a Rocking Horse
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When you see a finished carved rocking horse - it is difficult to imagine how it was made.
Here , You can see some of the steps involved.

This rocking horse is constructed from basswood, yellow poplar and ash. It takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks to carve and ship.

Wood Joinery
Here you can see the medium sized horse under construction.
The head was carved seperately and has been joined to the body block.
The legs are also carved individually and joined.

In Progress


Hollow in The middle?
Most carvers will add a special token on the inside for good luck.
You can request your own memento if you special order a horse.
Most people do not realize the horses are hollow, it helps for the wood to expand with moisture.
Trojan Horse?



All of my horses are hand-carved I do not use power tools for carving there is no gesso on the wood only primer and paint.  Each one is unique.


Here you can see the head beginning to take shape.
The teeth are carved individually as well - this is one of the more difficult areas to carve.
The face needs to have that special look - ready to ride.

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